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davy johnson to manager of the year. >> fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. good morning, everyone. it is 5:00 on this thursday, november 8th. taking a live look outside on a breezy thursday. and hopefully, it won't feel quite as cold as it did yesterday. it certainly felt cold yesterday with that wind. there was just enough there. parts of the east coast right now already battered by superstorm sandy are dealing with yet another blow from mother nature. people in new york and new jersey got hit with that nor'easter. we were talking about it yesterday, tucker was, bringing wet snow, rain and heavy winds. it meant more power outages, 60,000 additional customers in the dark, some of whom had just gotten power back after hurricane sandy. >> mother nature is really killing us right now. sorry for whatever we did. we'll make it up to you.
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>> this is it. this is it. i'm getting anxiety walking around seeing what i'm going to do. and other people too. i feel bad for other people. this is crazy. ient doe ma what to do anymore. i don't want to live in long beach. >> more than 1300 flights in and out of new york and new jersey were canceled and travelers can expect more disruptions today as well. >> they have a heavy load. it is so difficult up there right now. hard to imagine. >> you could feel it in her voice. they've had enough. i mean i got to be thankful i think for what we have endured which has not been that much through these storms. >> sort of on the edge of it both times around here. the good news is the nor'easter is wiping down still bringing heavy rains to portions of new england. we'll still be dealing with the winds with it today. we'll get clearing skies later on today. better weather on the way for us. let's get to the numbers and i'll start with the cold temperatures not just here in washington but up and down the eastern seaboard. check out new york, 34 degrees,
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boston 34 and 20s out to the west. pittsburgh, 28 degrees this morning. binghamton, 27. plenty of cold air, big chunk of cold air across the mid- atlantic and new england. that helped with the winter weather we are seeing across the northeast. there it is, wrapping up east of new york out towards the cape and the islands out there. you can see on the back side of it, we are getting the cloud cover and a few leftover sprinkles locally. there might be a sprinkle or flurry here early. the trend will be to clear things out. we'll remain cool today. the highs only in the low 50s. there will be a bit of a breeze that will make things feel nice and chilly out there. we are headed in the right direction with sunshine. 53 your daytime high in washington. 50 at quantico. mid- to upper 40s off to the north and west. 48 at dulles. warmer than yesterday but not where we want to be. >> i know. not where a lot of people would like it to be. >> thank you. time now to say good
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morning once again to julie wright. >> better news for those traveling northbound along i- 95. that was just the one left lane blocked at the scene of this crash. this one involving the overturned vehicle. northbound 95 north of 32. left lane is all that is blocked at this time. they are in the process of wrapping this up. southbound 95 looks good to go. 66 is still an easy ride coming in from fair oaks with no issues reported continuing inbound towards 123. southbound 270, we are good to go leaving 109 headed for germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. new this morning, former democratic congresswoman gabrielle giffords will likely come face to face today with the man who shot her in the head. giffords and her husband, mark kelly, are expected to attend the sentencing for jared loughner. he pleaded guilty in the january 2011 rampage that killed sick people and injured 13 including representative giffords. the congresswoman later esigned
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in order to concentrate on her recovery from the severe brain injuries. a d.c. man is sentenced to more than a year and a half in prison for calling in bomb threats to amtrak trains. michael jerome dennis had pled guilty in august. he acknowledged that in november of last year and again last january, he called amtrak saying he put a bomb at the new york avenue bridge. in virginia, the so-called east coast rapist appears to be preparing to enter a guilty plea. aaron thomas is scheduled for a plea hearing november 30th in leesburg. he is charged with raping a 41- year-old woman in 2001. thomas was arrested in 2011 in his home state of connecticut accused of 17 sexual assaults in maryland, virginia, connecticut and rhode island. fairfax county police need your help tracking down a man who attacked a 17-year-old girl at a public library. it happened tuesday night at the thomas jefferson library in falls church. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live on the scene with details of the suspect and what happened.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. fortunately, police do have some pretty good details on the suspect. apparently, he has spent some time hanging out at this library in the past and so staff were able to recognize him shortly after the attack. the 17-year-old girl says she spent most of the day here at the library studying and noticed that the guy had been staring at her. she got up to leave when the library was closing for the night and she told police that the man started following her. they decided to duck into the women's bathroom instead of walking out into the dark parking lot alone but the man kept following her right into the bathroom. she says he touched and pushed her. she fought back kicking and screaming. library staff heard it. they rushed over to help but the suspect got away. >> this person was between 5' 7" and 5' 10". he was african-american. he had a shaved bald head and a gap in his front tooth and a diagonal scar on his forehead. >> reporter: so a pretty solid
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description. staff said they had seen him in the library before but they had never had any trouble from him. police say he was carrying either a dark brown or tan soft leather briefcase and wearing a green long sleeved shirt and khaki pants. >> we can understand people's concerns. thank you. president obama back in washington after celebrating his re-election in chicago. the president has a number of pressing issues on his plate too. the white house and congress are promising cooperation before crippling tax hikes and budget cuts automatically kick in on all americans in the new year. the president is also expected to have to appoint a new secretary of state and treasury secretary. in virginia, election officials are considering changes now after long lines forced some to wait for hours to cast their ballot. the commonwealth is now considering switching from the
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touch screen machines to optical scans. in maryland, turnout was less than in 2004 and 2008 but there were still a lot of complaint about long lines and registration issues. election officials are now investigating those voting problems. a lot of people experience those lines. >> lots of long lines especially with early voting. >> i saw lines at the polling place where i went the day of election day. a long line of people just for issues and problems they were having. i went right in and voted. >> it took me 15 minutes. but you would think in this day and age, we would be able to figure this out since we do it every couple of years. when we come back, we'll talk about that. huge plunge on wall street wednesday. how are overseas markets responding this morning. more problems for a former maryland mayor. details of who is facing hefty legal trouble. stay with us. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪
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global financial markets are dropping. the dow lost more than 300 points yesterday. the major selloffs continued in asia today. japan's nikkei dropped 136 points and the hong kong
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market is off more than 500 points. the question is what is behind the plunge. investors in the u.s. dumped stocks as they focused on big problems ahead in the u.s. and europe. that includes the massive fiscal cliff spending cuts and tax hikes. a former baltimore mayor has been charged with violating her probation. maryland corrections officials say sheila dixon is behind more than $13,000 on the $45,000 she agreed to pay to charity. dixon is currently on probation for theft and perjury charges. she resigned in 2010 after pleading guilty. new revelations in the deadly meningitis outbreak. several warnings about the new england company that maintain the steroid shots were sent from colorado to the massachusetts board of pharmacy. they dealt with the company allegedly violating its license. rorldz show the warnings were
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made -- records show the warnings were made before july 2011. the outbreak has sickened more than 400 people nationwide, killing 39. more gambling coming to maryland now. up next of course voters approved question seven so how ? on will we see that new slot we'll get a full report coming up. new york and new jersey already slapped with sandy getting hit hard once again. we are checking our weather and traffic. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. live look outside at the washington monument at 5:14. all right. the power is back out for tens of thousands of people in new york and new jersey. a powerful nor'easter storm is pounding the region, this one bringing heavy wet snow and high winds just nine days after superstorm sandy. more trees and power lines have come down and more than 1,000 flights were canceled in and out of new york university yesterday. so far, no mandatory evacuations have been issued. here is what it looked like when the nor'easter storm hit the coastline in new york. this is rockaway beach. it was hit hard by superstorm sandy last week. some residents there are still without heat and electricity from sandy and it is believed the nor'easter could make matters even worse. i'm sure it will. i mean it is hard to believe
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they are getting hit once again. not the same magnitude of hurricane sandy but still, winds gusting to about 30 to 40 instead of 80 to 90. of course, winter conditions and that is unusual. we are only in the first week of november. a little unusual to see that much snow this early in the season. around here, we are on the back end of it and still very cold outside. we did get our first official snowflakes at reagan national last night. picked autopsy a trace officially. we've seen some flakes here in washington already this season. here is your big headline. nice pattern change ahead. that means more sunshine and warmer temperatures on the way. i think you'll love the weekend forecast as we get into veterans day on sunday and monday. our temperatures will be well into the 60s. should be a lot nicer. it is cold currently. 42 in washington. 47 out in gaithersburg. 36 in frederick.
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36 in leonardtown. a very chilly start to the day. still a lot of cloud cover across the region and these winds will be persistent today out of the north and west. even though high temperatures will top out in the 50s, it will never quite feel that warm today as the winds will be with us on the back side of the nor'easter. there is a look at your radar. we're nice and quiet. we did have rain showers mixed with some snow across the region. you can see that is all off to our north and east at this hour. most of the energy up north and east of new york but check out the center of circulation there. look at that. it looks like a tropical system and a very intense area of low pressure right there right around the center of circulation and still throwing back rain and snow here back into portions of southern new england. this whole system is pushing off to the north and east. that is the nor'easter and we'll see some clearing around here later today. so after morning clouds, some afternoon sunshine. a little warmer, temperatures back in the 50s but still a breeze here will make it feel a
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little cool for the day. 53, clearing skies, breezy and cool. clear skies, cold overnight. 37 the overnight low. winds will start to lighten up later tonight, north and west five to 10. a very cold overnight with parts of the area once again close to tuberculosissing. there is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. i want you to notice first and foremost lots of sunshine over the next couple of days. friday, saturday and sunday. most of monday is sunny. mid-60s around here by veterans day. by monday, 67 degrees. warmer temperatures on the way. hang in there. i know that will make julie wright smile since she has three jackets on, gloves, turn the seat warmer on in her car. has the heat set at the house at 84 degrees. >> 85. >> oh, sorry. >> it is like a little tropical island right there in gaithersburg all by myself. on the roads, you will find the accident activity, the clean-up
5:19 am
continues northbound i-95 with the crane on the scene of crash. it involves an overturned vehicle. traffic is able to squeeze by to the right heading northbound as you travel north from laurel continuing up towards columbia and jessup and working back out to 695. southbound along 270 in pretty got shape leaving 109. you will find your lanes are open. trip in virginia now starting to get busy as you travel eastbound 66 out of manassas. northbound i-95 in both the express lanes and main line, no trouble spots to report. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. as you know by now, the state of maryland is a step closer to another big casino. this one most likely on the shores of the potomac in prince george's county. voters gave question seven a thumbs up at the polls and beth parker has a closer look at what that means. >> reporter: question seven led to the most expensive political advertising campaign in the history of the state of maryland. now that voters have approved,
5:20 am
it a casino will rise here on this site at national harbor. at least that is the most likely scenario. county executive rushern baker stands firmly behind that plan. >> made it very clear from the very beginning that i think the best cited in the state is national harbor. i think it offers the state and prince george's county the chance to build a high-end destination resort that is not just about table games and slot machines but is about economic development. >> reporter: baker joined fellow county executives ike leggett and ken ulman saying question 7 passed because a statewide perspective. it was approved by 52 to 48%. >> question 7 is a bad deal for maryland. >> reporter: it passed despite an aggressive opponent, penn national, a casino owner worried about competition. >> certainly fighting back against the negative campaign that was out there couldn't have taken place without a converted effort in montgomery county and in howard county to
5:21 am
help us push us over the line. >> i found it to be an absurd amount of money that was spent by a casino company to convince marylanders that what is good enough for west virginia is somehow not good enough for maryland. >> reporter: penn national may still push for a site in bridge that it already owns is rosecroft raceway. baker says a proposed mgm national harbor casino could bring in another $200 million to the state, $40 million of it in prince george's county. >> the money will go to education. >> reporter: the $800 million casino that mgm is planning cannot open until 2016. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> we reached you out to the penn national and no one returned our calls. site selection will be handled by the maryland gaming agency. the name jackson is perhaps
5:22 am
the biggest last name in music. >> but up next, why does germaine jackson want to change his last name? he is even going to court over it. >> i remember that song. at son
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germaine jackson is asking a court to let him alter his famous last time and become germaine jacksun with a u instead of an o. he filed a petition saying it was for, quote, artistic reasons. the friend says while the spelling may change, it still sounds the same. >> that is pretty much just a publicity stunt. >> i didn't know he was still an artist though. she won an oscar for playing queen elizabeth i in shakespeare in love. she is now maying spy master m in the james bopped movies. >> kevin mccarthy talked to her. >> he is relent in his pursuit
5:26 am
to find much. as an actress looking back on your career, what was that one role that were completely relentless about getting, that you stopped at nothing to get? >> i've never done that, never, ever, ever. ever. i've just -- i've always -- if anyone has asked me what i wanted to play, i've never known what the answer was. i don't think i'm a good chooser. so i've just -- fortunately, things have come along out of the blue. some things i have he enjoyed hugely more than others but very few that i haven't actually enjoyed so that is a real statement of luck, isn't it? >> your character has the weight of the world on her shoulders. everything is coming at it now. as an actress, do you ever feel that pressure as an actress in a movie? do you ever feel the pressure of having the weight of the world for the film being on your shoulder. >> i think you have the pressure of wanting to play it
5:27 am
well and being able to fit into the slot in the film. it is not the same as the theater. in the theater, you come on and it is up to me and to the cast to tell the story and we'll tell it from the beginning to the end. when i come on day film set and i will do it and i'll hopefully do it as well as i think it can be done with the director's input, with daniel, with javier, with everybody. but never thele, you never quite know if you filled that part and it is up to somebody like sam mendez who had an eye for it all and knows exactly and he and the editors just lined it up as it were. but you always have the fear that you haven't filled that slot. kevin is back tomorrow with more bond, james bond. we'll have his interview with
5:28 am
daniel craig and the skyfall villain. i never heard of this guy, javier bardem. you've heard of grand theft auto. how about somebody trying to take off with an airplane. >> haven't heard of that. >> it happened and it was caught on video too. >> in heist didn't quite go as planned. we'll show you that. up next, we are checking our top stories. stay with us. we'll be right back. 
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welcome back. this is a live look up here in northwest and taking a look at chevy chase actually. it is nice to see that it is not raining or snowing, at least yet. i know to the north of us, it has been pretty bad. >> that camera is amazing. you can see everything. >> yes. >> yeah. colder temperatures here to stay. it will be cool today. our temperatures will top out the low 50s with some breezes out of the north and west as well. that is going to kind of lock in the cool feel for the day. the trend here is to warm thins up and lots more sunshine. 4 # right now in washington. it is chilly out there. 40 out at dulles. bwi marshall, 416789 got winds out of the north and west at about 10 to 15. the winds will be with us on the back side of the nor'easter for thursday and that will
5:32 am
again make this chillier than usual. satellite-radar, you can see the storm. very impressive there to the east of new york pubbing up south of boston and dragging with it the rain and the snow that fell across areas generally to the north and east. we did get officially a trace of snow at reagan national last night. so we have officially seen our first snowflake of the season. we will see gradually clearing skies. should be a mostly sunny afternoon. jacket weather but we should be dry for most of the day. >> hot cocoa weather. >> that sounds like such a good idea. >> what did it get up to yesterday? >> mid-40s. >> it felt cold. let's check in with julie wright. >> ask me what kind of weather it is out there. >> hot cocoa, don't you think? >> five marshmallows. >> ill amake sure i get the
5:33 am
right amount. five, no less, no more. >> that's right. i want five. on the roads, northbound i-59 still troubled with the accident that occurred up near 32. this one involves the overturned box truck. this is what is in play. no issues reported on 295. that is still an easy drive for you early this morning. out on the roads, northbound i- 95, picking them up and putting them down as my mama would say. no issues reported as you continue out of woodbridge. lanes are open north on 395 leaving the beltway past glebe road. eastbound 66, increasing control yum out of manassas headed in towards centreville. nothing stoped along the way. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. nothing stopped along the way. sentencing for the tucson shooter. today, jared lee loughner will find out how much time he will spend in police font shooting rampage that left six dead and severely injured representative gabrielle giffords in jap. twelve others were wounded and
5:34 am
there is word the former congresswoman will attend today's sentencing. loughner is expected to get life without parole. giffords resigned from the house in order to focus on her recovery. recovery. now that the election is over, both republicans and democratic leaders are promising cooperation toed a vote so-called fiscal cliff. president obama and the first family arrived back in washington last night. the white house and congress will have to address tax hikes and budget cuts that automatically kick in in the new year. it affects all americans and up until now, the republicans have blocked the president's proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy. >> if there is a mandate in yesterday's results, it is a mandate for us to find a way for work together on the solutions to the challenges that we all face as a nation.
5:35 am
my message today is not one of confrontation but one of conviction. >> there will likely be cabinet chains in the president's second term. most speculation is that president obama will have to pick a new secretary of state and treasury secretary. ry secr wall street greet a second obama term the same way it greeted the first way huge post- election selloff. the dow jones industrial average plummeted over 300 points in its worst loss of the year. the losses extended to asian and european markets today. plunge in the dow came after
5:36 am
worries about europe's debt and that so-called fiscal cliff. japan's market followed by falling more than 130 and the hong kong stock market fell 533 point. making headlines, d.c. police are investigating a deadly accident. a car crashed and burst into flames in the 1400 block of brentwood parkway in northeast just after 9:00 last night. one person was killed. so far, no word on what may have caused the accident. checking more headlines. in palestinian county, police are investigating a shooting that -- in prince george's county, police are verdicting a shooting that killed a man in hillcrest heights. police found the man lying in the street. he had been shot several times. he died on the way to the hospital. the victim has not been identified and no word on a suspect or motive. a series of brazen attacks in fair fact county is leaving women there on a high alert. the suspect fondling women and than just taking off. here is a sketch of the man. he described as hispanic with a medium build, black hair and often wearing a red cap. nine cases have been reported and the latest made public by police yesterday, a woman says she was attacked in the 6000 block of hibling avenue last
5:37 am
thursday, the same day another woman reported a similar attack. >> apparently, the suspect comes up from behind quietly, then grant the victim, touches them and the person typically is taken completely by surprise and then he runs away. >> here is a sketch of the suspect one more time for you. police say all of the attacks have been around the springfield area. if you have information, fairfax county police want you to give them a call. a suspect caught on video trying to take off literally. >> up next, one man's allege ad tempt to steal an air plan but he wasn't cleared for takeoff. that's for sure. we're checking more headlines when we come back.
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its man who made a controversial anti-muslim film that set off protests around the world is headed to prison. he was convicted on on probation violation and sentenced to a year behind bars. none of the violations are socialed with the film he made which touched off international fury. the latest search for the remains of drew peterson's four wife wraps up in illinois today. stacy peterson disappeared years ago. the fbi and police very
5:41 am
searching a forest preserve with specialized dog from england. so far, they have not found anything. we're getting our first look at a man's attempt to steal an airplane. former sky west pilot brian hedgeland made headlines back in july when he was able to open the doors of the small jet as it sat parked in a utah airport. you can see the plane bumping up and down as it went into the parking lot smashing cars and fences. he tried to steal the plane at a time that he was wanted in connection with the murder of his former girlfriend. he later committed suicide. >> interesting. all right. later on this morning, the city of ft. worth, texas will pay tribute to president john f. kennedy. he visited the city right before
5:42 am
his assassination in dallas in 1963. help is on the way after superstorm standee thanks to one the girl and what she saw on television. >> we have weather and traffic coming up. -- after superstorm sandy thanks to one little girl and what she saw on television. 
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5:45 am
welcome back. the commute getting under way here pretty soon. we're taking a live look at our metrobus location right over around the corner, western avenue and the buses will be really busy today as you can imagine, the middle of the work woke. students from some northern virginia schools have partnered with some truckers to help victims of superstorm sandy. the sole interiors this from chester brook elementary school and other northern virginia schools dropped off donated items. truckers from the american trucking association drove the goods to staten island, new york and new jersey. >> it started out as we were watching the concert for new york on friday night like a lot of families and my 6-year-old turned to me and said mom, do something. so we sent out an e-mail to our classroom about doing a donation at our house. it was going to be about 10 boxes aand take them to ups and ship them you about through the
5:46 am
power of e-mail it went from list serve to list serve and the community response was so overwhelming, there was no way we could did it out of our house anymore. >> the truck being association say the donations load a 53- foot trailer and they need it up there. >> good for them to step up like that. >> what's going on, tucker? >> cold and a little bit breezy to start the day. we'll see more sunshine later this afternoon and a nice warming trend for the weekend. >> we need the warmer weather. a lot of people are feeling like this is too early. >> the last couple of week, it's been unseasonably cold. it's cool start out there and again, with the breeze here out of the north and west, i'll show it to you. it feels colder than this. our actual air temperatures in the low 40s but wind chill generally in the 30s. it is cold.
5:47 am
look at leonardtown. 36 this morning. 34 in fled rick off to the north and west in the mountains. we are hanging out in the 30s. 34 in hagerstown. high temperatures today a little warmer than yesterday. yesterday, we were 46 in town. today, i think we'll be the low 50s. it will be a little warmer with more sunshine. both of those should feel better but with breezes here out of the north and west, that will kind of lock in the cool feel for the day. current winds out of the north and west here at nine here in washington. these winds will pick up a little later this afternoon. it will be a breezy day on the back side of this coastal storm. there is a live look and you can see we've got a lot of cloud cover across the washington area but the trend will fobt storm to push off to the north and east and notice out towards pittsburgh and into west virginia, we've got clearing skies. things will get better. check out your center here. look how untense that center of circulation there is. it looks like a tropical storm. you can see it is pushing off to the north and east. it will drag all the cloud
5:48 am
cover with it. we should see gradually clearing skies around here with plenty of afternoon sun. 53 your daytime high. don't forget about the wind. clearing skies, breezy and cool later this afternoon with a cold one expected overnight tonight. 37 the overnight low. winds north and west at five to 10. not looking at any rain here or any winter weather any time soon. there is your accu-weather seven-day and i noticeable warm -- a noticeable warming trend. a little cooler by the middle of next week. let's do some traffic and see d >> i think it is not breaking news to say i'm all about the flirting when it comes to 70- degree weather. >> you're all about the
5:49 am
flirting in. >> when it comes to 70-degree weather. >> oh, i got it. >> i know they cut off your mic. i didn't know they cut off the audio too. we've got a lot happening. we've got accident activity with police on the scene. this is tying up your drive at sunrise valley drive. the accident that started us off this morning involves the overturned box truck. that is nowntd i-95 after 32678 the left side of the roadway still tied up at the scene here. be careful up toward 695. outer loop of the beltway, we had reports of accident activity after 4 other but before the bw parkway. -- that is northbound i-95 after 32, the left side of the roadway stay tied up at the scene. no problems to report at the american legion bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic.
5:50 am
checking consumer alerts now, at&t is shelling out a lot of cash for mistakenly forcing some smart phone customers into monthly data plans. they have agreed to pay the federal government $700,000 for customers refunds giving them the choice to restore older plans. at&t says a computer error forced some customers into monthly plans after they replaced lost or broken phones through warranty policies. no matter who you voted for, face it, there is something missing in your life today. we are talking abouts to campaign commercials. >> we all know that they are long gone now to the relief of most of the us unless you work in tv ad sales. we have a look at the big buck raised, spent and now long gone. >> reporter: it takes billions to become the leader of the free world. according to estimates from the
5:51 am
center for responsive politics or crp, 2012 was the second most expensive presidential race in u.s. history behind 2008. >> the own is that there weren't primary fights in both parties. there was only a republican primary fight and no one was running against barack obama. so a little less money this time around. >> reporter: still, some eye- popping numbers even as the final spending totals are being tabulated. cr perform break it down this way. president obama and the dnc spent more than $930 million. governor romney and the rnc spent more than $1.02 billion. outside organizes spent around $528 million and what the parties and tax payers spent on the conventions, $142 million. those numbers don't exactly surprise campaign veterans on both sides. >> it is a little bit of an arms race. one side raises more, another side has to match. >> it takes a lot move money to put into the campaign and a lot of money to get on television.
5:52 am
>> reporter: that is where most of money goes, to those political ads, especially in the battleground states. so pardon us just one more time. >> i'm normandy approved this message gentleman. >> i'm president barack obama and i approved this message. >> -- i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. >> 07 to 08% goes into paid communication. >> reporter: rosenberg points out that while this is a lot of money going out, it is also easier to get money coming in. more and more donors can get involved via textbook, facebook and other new media. in washington, molly henneberg, fox news. >> as we said before, anybody that is in tv appreciate was they do. they help pay the bills.
5:53 am
>> yes, they do. a lot of bills. some impressive honorers could be on the way for several members of the washington nationals. we've got the details coming up next. >> plus the human highlight reel cleared to take the court at college park. the big news for terps fans just in time for the new season. season. sports is next. ♪
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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in sports, the wizards in boston for a rematch with the celtics. final seconds left in the game. chris singleton throws down the jam to tie it and send it into overtime. wiz would score the first basket in ot but the celtic would win it 100-94. the wizards are now win unless three games this season. they host the bucks tomorrow. the maryland men's basketball team opens the soap against the kentucky wildcats. and wells will be on the court. he was expelled from xavier for criminal allegations which were later dropped. transfers are usually forced to sit out a year but the ncaa approved wells' waiver appeal. a quick baseball note now. congratulation to three nationals who are finalists for some major awards. bryce harp fore rookie of the year, gio gonzaga am he's for cy young and davie johnson for manager of the year. i hope they can get it done next year. >> we hope they can get the
5:57 am
awards this year and next year. we want to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. we say hello to pastor jerome bell. he says he has been a fan since before facebook and that mechanic him fan of the day. -- and that makes him fan of the day.
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